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SBA business news and loans strategic alliance with San Diego International Chamber of Commerce San Diego,

ICC has served volunteer time and dedicated effort to build up our standing relationship with Small Business Administration (SBA) San Diego almost 14 years since 1999.

Dr. Ruben Garcia, district director of the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) San Diego district office, had met at the SBA office to sign a strategic alliance.asp with William To, president of the San Diego International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), on Monday, October 2, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. .

They have signed agreement that allows SBA and the ICC to work together to improve business access to technological information through educational opportunities and SBA resources for ICC member; providing maximum financial opportunities and training to entrepreneurs. " Members are grateful to the dedicated work by president William To that are being served by the ICC with  excellent leadership of  the board members" said Dr. Garcia.   "William is dedicating to helping entrepreneurs take their place as business owners and I know that he will do a great job of assisting potential owners to fulfill their dreams ."This is the forthsuch alliance.asp established under Garcia's administration.   This collaboration between the SBA and the ICC is building a strong foundation for the future.  Small business is the golden thread that ties the American dream into reality for many partnership firms.  Consumers are spending millions dollars each year and business leaders are rushing to meet that demand.  William To said "Having the SBA of San Diego as a Strategic alliance.asp partner only enhances a strong foundation of services for future entrepreneurs".

To learn more about the World Trade Intercom Connection  please contact us .To find out more about the World Trade Intercom Connection  call William To at 619-640-3838,or email icc6403838@yahoo.com or wt@wlinternational.net

SBA Strategic Alliance Memorandum 2014 - Click here to download

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